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About Flav Creations

Flav Creations is an Indie Dev company that creates games, apps, websites and various tools. Flavius, the founder, also blogs and does research.


I started a blog about home labbing, programming, game development and being adhd! You can find it here: Blog. I’ll be blogging about a great many things and maybe some of it will interest you.

Git Hub Projects

I have a Git Hub full of projects I am working on, previously worked on, or finished. You can find it here: Repositories. This is where I put most of my viewable repositories. Whether it was LSL, Java, C#, or various other projects, most of them are here.

RPGame Live

RPGame Live (Roleplay Game Live) is an idle JRPG style boss fight simulation game originally designed around streaming. A brief summary is a streamer hosts a game and thier viewers join a battle alongside them against a big boss and it plays out through a bit of automated AI and some interaction through twitch chat.


I’ve joined noted as a contributor! I hope to release some articles there soon. In the mean time there are some pretty nifty ones already available and links to other sources for some nice reads.

The Noted Mission: Here at Noted, our mission is to bring attention to the FOSS (free and open source) applications created by amazing developers around the world. Noted gives a portion of our paid subscriber memberships back to FOSS development. Noted.Lol

Library by Stream Sounds

The Library by Stream Sounds is a collection of tips and advice for streamers by the StreamSounds community. I am one of the writers and a co-developer of the website.